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Net-Tech Associates specializes in a variety of different support services that we're able to custom mold for each customer's needs. The services range from physical and environmental securities to access control. We also offer services that monitor and alert customers of any problems that could occur. The professionals here at Net-Tech Associates have your best interest in mind, and we'll make sure to do everything in our power to give you the support that you and your customers need.

Our hosted and managed services include:

Physical & Environmental Securities

Net-Tech Associates' physical security service helps identify the steps that must be taken to physically secure network and system related equipment from various attacks. The main goal here is to prevent unauthorized physical access, damage, or tampering to the organization's information. Environmental security includes and protects against power outages, failure of temperature control systems, as well as natural disasters.

Perimeter Security

A network perimeter is the boundary between the private and locally managed-and-owned side of a network, and the public and usually provider-managed side of a network. While this is obviously important, it's often looked at as the major concern of most businesses. However, in today's highly sophisticated environment, perimeter security is only one gear of a well-oiled machine. Perimeter security includes: firewalls, VPN concentrators and routers. All of these devices are designed to allow certain traffic in while blocking certain traffic out. Net-Tech Associates can help you regulate who's in and who's out by providing the ultimate perimeter security.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion prevention systems are network devices and/or software application sets that monitor network and system activities for malicious content or unusual behavior. If, for some reason, something were to show up on this system, the highly trained technicians at Net-Tech Associates will be able to shut it down immediately. Our response can be as simple as logging down the event and can be extreme as blocking the offending traffic or source. With this service, the professionals here at Net-Tech Associates will be able to provide you and your company peace of mind.

Access Control

Access control is the ability to allow or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. Access control mechanisms can be used in managing your secure network. This function contributes greatly to the overall security of your network, and can be provided by and managed through Net-Tech Associates.

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