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By using open source database driven CMS (Content Management Systems), we can empower our clients by creating an online environment that allows them to administer and maintain their own web sites.

Below are six steps to a successful web presence.


Setting goals for anticipating and deciding on targets for the audience, purpose, and objectives for the information. Planning also is done for domain information through a process of defining and specifying the supporting information that must be collected, how it will be collected, and how the information will be updated.


Information about the audience's level of technical interest can have a great deal of impact on what information should be provided to a user about a particular product or topic, for example. Similarly, analyzing the web's purpose in light of other new developments, such as the contents of a competitor's web, must be an ongoing process.


The process by which a web designer, working within the web's specification, makes decisions about how a web's actual components should be constructed. This process involves taking into account the web's purpose, audience, objective, and domain information. A good designer knows how to achieve the effects called for by the specification in the most flexible, efficient, and elegant way. Because it relies so heavily on the other processes and elements in web development, however, the design process is not more important than any of the others, but it requires a thorough grounding in implementation possibilities as well as knowledge about how particular web structures affect an audience.


The process of actually building the web using HyperText Markup Language (HTML or improvements on it). The implementation process is perhaps most like software development because it involves using a specific syntax for encoding web structures in a formal language in computer files. Although automated tools are available to help with the construction of HTML documents, a thorough grounding in HTML as well as an awareness of how designs can best be implemented in HTML enriches the web implementer's expertise.


The process of handling all the public-relations issues of a web. These include making the existence of a web known to on-line communities through publicity, as well as forming business or other information relationships with other webs. Promotion might involve using specific marketing strategies or creating business models.


The process of making sure that the other development processes continue and improve. This includes monitoring technologies for new innovations that might be appropriate for the web, as well as finding creative or unique ways to improve the elements of the web or engage the web's audience in its success. Innovation also involves seeking to continuously improve the usability and quality of the web and exceed user expectations.


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